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Divided we fall, together we stand and thrive. Incubo’s story, so far.

Life isn’t always fair, nor a fairy tale. But I promise, today’s story has its happy ending. Our research team has been working in Samadai for a long time, we have been collecting photo-identification data of the Samadai spinner dolphins … Continue reading

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Satayah Survey 2014

The team is back to land. We just spent 15 days in Satayah Reef, 2 hours navigation off Hamata Marina. The site is known to be a resting area for spinner dolphins and has grown as a very popular swim-with … Continue reading

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(And if I had the choice Yeah, I’d always wanna be there) Back in the summer of 2011. Many thanks to our former field assistant Hilco Jansma who filmed, edited and produced this video with some great shots of the … Continue reading

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Oh thou enthralling bird of prey, shalt prey not on our equipment, please!

The dolphins were not the only regular characters of our recent winter story in Satayah reef. Indeed every day we were visited –better- we were inspected by a friendly majestic osprey… A bit too friendly actually… especially when it decided … Continue reading

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How about.. lunch?

One afternoon the weather was too rough to conduct the transects so we anchored next to an island in Siyul area and went ashore. The islands were used by a variety of seabirds as a nesting site including lesser crested … Continue reading

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Illegal Activities Stopped

During the course of The Red Sea Dolphin Project, while navigating on transect, the research team and crew on board the Red Sea Defender managed to spot things other than dolphins and just as important. At several points during the … Continue reading

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Dangerous dangerous reef

In the afternoon of Sunday June 20th, 2010, some members of the research team went for a dive in Dangerous Reef before lunch. They encountered nudibranchs, triton triggerfish, humphead wrasses and most impressive of all, a shark. One of the … Continue reading

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