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Sharing spaces: homeowners are responsible for damage caused to the common area

Marine mammals are among the most fascinating creatures we could think of, and yet, despite love and fascination, our activities are the main threat to their survival and wellbeing. Wait a sec. Things we (human beings) do normally, usually, on … Continue reading

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2013 in a post

Another year has gone, the project sees the end of its fourth season, and we dawdle around memories while planning future activities. We decided to conform to the tradition and put together a few dolphin events that characterized 2013, a … Continue reading

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Linking Science and Whale-Watching

Planet Whale is a global directory of cetacean conservation organizations aiming at working as a reference point for all those involved in the cetacean world, either as passionate, scientists, students or stakeholders.  In Galway, a small crowd of researchers and … Continue reading

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Leitmotiv: questions first, then practicalities.

One of this year’s ECS workshops titled “Best Practices in Research: Tagging and Biopsy Sampling” addressed the techniques that use or cross the marine mammal skin, with no intention of being lethal, in order to sample biopsies or place tags … Continue reading

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ECS, Mighty Ocean, Despot and Fish&Chips. The cetologists meet in Ireland.

The European Cetacean Society (ECS) was established in January 1987 and aims to promote and advance the scientific studies and conservation efforts of marine mammals as well as to gather and disseminate information about cetaceans to members of the Society … Continue reading

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