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Divided we fall, together we stand and thrive. Incubo’s story, so far.

Life isn’t always fair, nor a fairy tale. But I promise, today’s story has its happy ending. Our research team has been working in Samadai for a long time, we have been collecting photo-identification data of the Samadai spinner dolphins … Continue reading

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Sharing spaces: homeowners are responsible for damage caused to the common area

Marine mammals are among the most fascinating creatures we could think of, and yet, despite love and fascination, our activities are the main threat to their survival and wellbeing. Wait a sec. Things we (human beings) do normally, usually, on … Continue reading

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Life of Semola

It happened a few months ago. An average normal summer evening at home in Hurghada. It all started as a fun entertaining activity and a way to get all our (yet to be expressed and appreciated) storytelling talent out. ‘Let’s write … Continue reading

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Season finale: last expedition, last episode

Third and last episode of our highlights onboard the Red Sea Dolphin Project – Satayah Survey 2014. New volunteers embarked, and the RSDP life starts again: a bit of training for data collection, long hours observing dolphins and the way … Continue reading

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Summer memories – Episode 2

Thanks to Vale (Liquid Jungle Media), our best memories come to life once again! Another short fun and informal video blog on the Red Sea Dolphin Project – Satayah 2014 Survey is out. In this second happy episode we meet … Continue reading

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BEC crowd funding: last call!

Folks, as you might have seen and read lately on these pages, the season is going great and, despite boat mechanical technical issues, the fieldwork goes on brilliantly. Also, a beautiful script for a fun play to be presented to … Continue reading

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Video Blog!

We are immensely thankful to Valentina Cucchiara (Liquid Jungle Media) for putting together this awesome video blog about our first expedition to Satayah. Also, many thanks to Birdsong and the Eco Wonders, this song is really cool! Enjoy..and stay tuned! … Continue reading

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