Season finale: last expedition, last episode

Third and last episode of our highlights onboard the Red Sea Dolphin Project – Satayah Survey 2014.

New volunteers embarked, and the RSDP life starts again: a bit of training for data collection, long hours observing dolphins and the way people interact with them, smiles and fun on the boat.

(It does look like a sort of a dolphin research version of the “Groundhog Day”, doesn’t it? I love it!).

This was the last expedition of the season and it is always quite sad to pack and go back to life on land (= office work! And all the data to process and analyse!!).

We are now happily settled in our universities and figuring out how to transform the huge amount of information we have collected in these last years in coherent, comprehensive and original knowledge of spinner dolphin in Egypt. Exciting times ahead!


A massive thank to assistants and crew for making this season memorable, Valentina Cucchiara (Liquid Jungle Media) for distilling it in awesome video pearls (with lovely closing the credits until the very end), University of Otago, the Rufford Small Grant Foundation, HEPCA, Boomerang for Earth Conservation and our crowdfunders for making it possible.


Happy Karma!


…aaand in the next posts: our Australian adventures in Adelaide at the 3rd Conference of the International Committee on Marine Mammal Protected Areas!!


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