I really like the theme of this year World Oceans Day:

“together we have the power to protect the ocean”.

And there is something I really like about this life of mine (luggage always in one hand, rapid changes of time zones, time frames, time limits): the incredible variety of people, teams and crowds I meet and that become part of this “together”. We are generating a power that grows on a daily basis.

A quick illustrated overview of the latest additions to our “together”.


The Journey of Hope

Indopacific bottlenose dolphins off Marsa Alam. (Copyright HEPCA)

Indopacific bottlenose dolphins off Marsa Alam. (Copyright HEPCA)


Samadai briefing (Copyright HEPCA)

No wind, flat sea, glorious day to take to Samadai a Kuwaiti group visiting Egypt. We recorded the first two sightings of the season, had great fun and seen the true genuine dolphin joyful effect blossoming on their faces. Samadai is such a unique magic place.

These people are sailing the world in a Journey of Hope (, aiming at promoting awareness and support to people affected by Down Syndrome, autism and intellectual disabilities. Started off from Kuwait, they will visit several Mediterranean countries and eventually fly to Washington D.C. to meet president Obama and deliver a global humanitarian message for the benefit of persons with intellectual disability. We had a great time with them and I am sure that Samadai -its beauty, value and importance- has captivated them, I have seen the sparkle in their eyes.


Wadi El Gemal Island Clean up

No wind, flat sea, glorious day to take youth from Marsa Alam primary schools, volunteers from the association Roaya (based in El Quseir) and the Rangers from Wadi El Gemal National Park to the island for a clean up.

The island is uninhabited and within a National Park, but still it is covered in rubbish. Wave motion, wind and currents drag to its shores an incredible amount of solid waste that represent a threat to the local wildlife and ecosystems.

20140608_cleanup1 IMG_3382


Wadi El Gemal Island Clean Up (05.06.2014 – Copyright HEPCA)

50 pairs of enthusiastic hands and in 2 hours we filled more than 25 big rubbish bags that were then taken back to shore to be properly disposed. The kids have been really amazing and the young men from Roaya have made the whole event fun and entertaining. A beautiful day out at sea.


Summer fieldwork

Starting blocks. Ready, steady…going in a couple of days!

20140608_equip  20140608_gabana


Our equipment, gabana and we are ready to start! (Copyright HEPCA)

Amina and I are here and never been so ready. We have just been notified that the Rufford Small Grant Foundation decided to support again our project (yay!), the crowd funding is up and running well, people are on their way to join us and assist the data collection. It is incredible how many new contacts we get every year from people willing to come, help out, be part of the team. We have a few returning helpers that we could never thank enough, but also some new entries we look forward to meeting soon! Our crews are always really helpful and available, always there to make sure that everything goes smooth and we have our gabana (the local bedouin coffee) to keep up with the data collection. It is going to be an amazing season.


Crowd Funding

Ok, to be honest, this crowd funding is achieving unexpected results! You people are amazing, we are speechless.

I would like to acknowledge Elisabetta, Alberto Viviana e Jessica, Miguel and Tia Clàudia and Stephanie for their donations. Thank you everybody. Two thirds of the goal have been secured already! The campaign on Boomerang for Earth Conservation website is still running, please keep spreading the link! All information on the dedicated page “Donate now!” on this blog.


Happy World Oceans Day! See you around!



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