BEC crowd funding campaign: update

Dear all,

the campaign started a week ago and the results are already impressive to me!

Approximately one third of the funds BEC is trying to secure for the project has already been collected!! Personally, I am really moved by your response and participation; your messages and comments are a strong push and a I could not anticipate such a great support

(I must confess that my new morning exercise is to read your messages, again and again, every day, it is such an amazing feeling..much better than chakra meditation, morning routine in former times 🙂 ).

Thank you for giving us the chance to do our work, thank you for believing in our actions and visions and for your encouragements!

The campaign goes on, we have a little less than two months to reach the target so please, don’t stop sharing the link!

We added a “thank you” section at the end of the “Donate now!” page, you can find your names there.






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