Let’s Talk Samadai

As many of you might know already, Samadai is the place where we started our Egyptian experience a few years ago: we used to go there almost every day, spending up to 12h on a small zodiac monitoring movements of the dolphins in the lagoon, collecting data on the composition of groups visiting and images for photo-identification.

Spinner dolphins resting in Samadai. Copyright HEPCA.

A full intense year focused exclusively on Samadai. When we joined HEPCA in 2010 we decided to resume our research efforts in the site, a unique reef that offers amazing opportunities to study wild dolphins and make successful, shared and comprehensive conservation happen.

During our monthly surveys, we usually visit daily boats present in the reef and give a short talk to visitors covering topics such as dolphins ecology, history of the protected area and details of our work. The response has been really positive so far and many guides have asked us to provide them with more materials and information to be included in their briefings.

And here we go.

Something we have been working on for a few months is eventually materializing: a workshop entitled “LET’S TALK SAMADAI” is being held on the 26th of May in Marsa Alam. All guides working in Samadai are invited, more information are available here.

Please, help us spreading this invitation to your friends and fellow guides potentially  interested in participating. Contact maddalena@hepca.com for more info.


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