Oh thou enthralling bird of prey, shalt prey not on our equipment, please!

Ospray soaring over the boat. Copyright HEPCA

Wind sensor, with the vane not yet removed. Copyright HEPCA

The dolphins were not the only regular characters of our recent winter story in Satayah reef. Indeed every day we were visited –better- we were inspected by a friendly majestic osprey…

A bit too friendly actually… especially when it decided that the highest point of the boat was the perfect place to land in order not to be soaked by the splashes of the large waves breaking on the reef. So far so good, lucky us to have the chance to see this critter so close up!  If only the highest point would not have been our delicate wind sensor! We strongly suspect that the bird perching on the sensor was really annoyed by a piece of it as the wind vane was removed from the device! Luckily it fell on board and we could fix it, eventually. Happy ending.

Our conclusion is that ospreys are fascinating birds of prey indeed..as long as their target is not an expensive and precious piece of equipment!




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