Rufford Small Grant for Conservation

Hello folks!

We would like to share another great news with you.

Our Samadai Project has recently been accepted and awarded a Grant for Conservation by the Rufford Small Grants Foundation. The project is presented here!

For the coming 12 months, HEPCA and RSG will make possible all our research, education and training activities in Marsa Alam. It goes without saying that Samadai is an extraordinary natural lab to study spinner dolphins ecology, understand possible human impacts and promote awareness and conservation, and the team thanks HEPCA and RSG for appreciating the value of the endeavour and deciding to promote and support it.

Major component of this project is you, the community, and the possibility of mutual enrichment. Preparation of new materials as well as organization of meeting and workshop are on the agenda, stay tuned and contact us should you have any queries.

Keep on following us on the blog and facebook page; periodic updates will be also posted on our page in the RSG website, have a look!!


Madda (HEPCA Team)

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  1. Mary Megalli says:

    Good for HEPCA! The Rufford Small Grant is perfect, and I’ll look forward to further news about the next 12 months’ activities. Bravo, Madda Fu Magalli, and all HEPCA staff!

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