Ready to slip the moorings

Copyright A.Cesario/HEPCA

In a couple of weeks we will be sailing again the Southern Egyptian Red Sea. Looking forward to comparing and enhancing our data from this year with the previous one, we are now waiting for the rest of the team members to come over. Students from Egypt and abroad are getting ready to assist the research, ecovolunteers are preparing their venue, all of them with an enthusiasm we have rarely seen before: this is the year of the revolution, perhaps the feeling of being here and somehow contribute to the change is a new driving force.  Well, let’s use it. With the violations to the natural environment happening lately in Egypt, we definitely need people willing to stand up and actively promote a new vision.

We keep an eye on what is going on out there, celebrating the success of the Ras Mohamed campaign (see for more info) and the other on our laptops: protocols are being tuned, data properly archived and equipment checked.

We are getting ready for the first 30-day leg.

If interested in joining, dates are available on the blog, just check the “Calendar” page.

Can’t wait to set sail.


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