Keep boycotting!

Thanks for all of your hard work kicking off a successful new year!

The petition HEPCA started last September succeded and more than 10,000 signatures have been secured! Check it out: Petition against Dolphinaria in Egypt. (Be aware it is a 400 pages pdf!)

More than 10,000 people stand with HEPCA against the dolphinarium industry which provides the funding for the economically unsustainable dolphin meat industry,responsible for bloody massacre of thousands of dolphins every year. Furthermore, we reckon that the establishment of dolphinaria in the Red Sea where dolphins are sighted in the wild on almost a daily basis makes absolutely no sense.

HEPCA’s campaign to ban dolphinaria in the Red Sea has now entered a new phase, as now a licensed dolphinarium in Makadi Bay (South of Hurghada) has dolphins and should be ready to operate after their 105 quarantine period. We shall continue to campaign for the boycott of any dolphinarium along the Red Sea, several tour operators have pledged to do so and we rely on the Red Sea community to undertake responsibility over this initiative.

We hope that the national political scene currently unfolding in Egypt will make it possible, some day in the future, to react positively with facts to the weight of these >10,000 people!

HEPCA Research Team


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