Team 5: Spinner days


Team 5 set sail on the 4th of December from Marsa Alam Harbour.

Tilen, Tina, Angela, Johannes, Yana and Brandy are on board with us, they are amazing passionate and active persons, things are going smooth. The crew is taking good care of us. We managed to cover some of the transects in our study area but the weather turned bad, it was very windy the first half of this trip, condition that doesn’t allow us to collect data during the navigation, and we decided to head south.

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We spent a couple of days in Sataya, collecting photo-identification data on spinner dolphins visiting the reef and trying new “research approaches” to establish a proper behavioural data collection protocol, we covered transects in the north and the south of this stratum of the study area, we dived to enjoy the waters of the Red Sea, we had a nice evening in Qulaan.

On Tuesday December 7th we celebrated the 100th sighting of the Red Sea Dolphin Project: spinner dolphins, the most common species so far and the only one we run into this week. We have a total of 104 sightings of cetacean, 8 in these last 9 days.

We are now moored in Hamata, the wind blows and a kind of sand storm is going on here..we should set sail again in an hour or so for other 10 days zig zagging the southern Egyptian Red Sea.

There is a so much to tell and to soon as we have a better connection at our disposal, pictures and accounts will be uploaded!


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  1. Great job folks, I was a little worried hearing about the winds…have a successful week!

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