This is NOT it

Hello everybody,

I apologize for this long silence.

As you can imagine, the dolphin captive odyssey absorbed our (mainly Amina’s) life, time and efforts. The dolphins have been moved, as you probably know, to a more decent location..the war is not over though. The quarantine will end soon (still around 50 days to go), these dolphins will be moved to other destinations (where? what? when?) and the spectrum of new delphinaria still looms over the country.

For the moment I would like to attract your attention to a video recently published on YouTube which is an effective summary of the story and the campaign.

Everyday several hundreds people put their signature on the bottom of a petition which represent the sound and earnest discontent of more than 5,000 persons from all over the world. Our goal is 10,000 signatures, help us spreading the word!

This is much more than the compassion for four poor animals, this is the occasion to bring Egypt among the few countries that legislate against the captivity, a modern and exemplary resolution that would shine internationally.

Tell everybody about that, we can do it, but only with the support of this amazing community.

Thanks for your support, keep on campaigning!

Madda (HEPCA Team)

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  1. Hind says:

    Thank you for your efforts, seeing the dolphins in this way was very heartbreaking. I hope you are able to set a precedent with this and nip it in the bud. I live near 6th of October City and I caught a glimpse of a mall being built there, it looks like they will have a dolphinarium. There’s no excuse for this and if people want to see dolphins they can easily do so in their natural habitat!! We are blessed to have them in the Mediterranean and the Red Sea and we have no right doing this! I’m furious.

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