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Hydrophone drama

It was a day like most others on the Red Sea Dolphin Project. The observers were looking for fins from the sundeck, the lab operator was inputting lots of birds in the database and the acoustics operator was trying to … Continue reading

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Account of the first summer season

Three Italian researchers, a total of eight interns from all over the world, visitor scientists and colleagues, amazing and enthusiastic volunteers. 46 days at sea, 3522 km sailed between Marsa Alam and the Sudanese border, 151 hours spent actively scanning … Continue reading

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Last night while attempting to leave the office to collect some equipment left onboard the Red Sea Defender from the last expedition, my mobile rang. Amr was calling me. “Hello Mudeer (boss in Egyptian).” No time for catching up, he … Continue reading

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How about.. lunch?

One afternoon the weather was too rough to conduct the transects so we anchored next to an island in Siyul area and went ashore. The islands were used by a variety of seabirds as a nesting site including lesser crested … Continue reading

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An unexpected sighting!

While leaving the dock in Hamata there was our sixth/new dolphin species on this expedition playing with a buoy right near the coast! Even though this Indo-Pacific Humpback Dolphin (Sousa chinensis) was alone, we were able to witness its playful … Continue reading

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A zodiac in your bedroom

Satayeh is an important tourist destination but, more significantly, its calm waters are used by dolphins as a resting spot. This explains its vast popularity among tourists since a dolphin encounter is known to be one of the most wonderful … Continue reading

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It’s a world of Risso’s!

Marine mammals are an excellent medium through which to study top-down ecology. By researching the distribution and abundance of cetaceans (whales and dolphins) you can also form the basis for management of their prey and the whole ecosystem below them. … Continue reading

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